G3 plus


Performance Benchmark

64MP Ultra-Clear AI Camera
8+8GB Extended RAM, 256GB ROM
6.7’’ HD+ Full-View Water Drop Display
T616 Octa-Core Processor
5000mAh Battery, 20W Fast Charging

Super Thin,
Super Light

Thickness: 8.6mm
Weight: 195g

64MP Ultra-Clear AI Camera
16MP Selfie Camera

More Capacity,
More Fun


Multifunctional NFC

T616 Octa-Core Chipset

5000mAh Battery

Headset-free FM Radio

Boost Your

With 256GB ROM expandable to up to 1TB, the UMIDIGI A15 never lets you confront the dilemma of deleting old digital content to make room for new one. Store as many photos, videos, or songs as you please with zero compromises1.

Up to 16GB RAM (8+8GB extended RAM) turns your RAM-intensive games or multitasking more than effortless and buttery-smooth2.

Exceptional Performance for
Lightning-Quick Speed

The UMIDIGI A15 carries a 12nm Unisoc T616 chipset that delivers superb performance in CPU-intensive 3D games while still remaining highly power-efficient to extend the battery life. Bolstered by the capable Arm Mali-G57-class GPU, Unisoc T616 further accelerates data processing and maximizes performance in everyday tasks3.

6.7" Immersive Smooth Screen

Experience an unparalleled cinematic vision with a bigger screen and enjoy smooth interactions and animations with a lightning-fast display. Whether you’re working or taking a break, you can enjoy an immersive visual experience without any limitations4.
Eye Care Mode



1650×720 HD+



Contrast ratio



Superb Matte & Dazzling Design

The back of the UMIDIGI A15 is carved out of a piece of superb dazzling glass-feel and matte composite material with a beautiful contour. The glass-feel surface glares and the matte finish minimizes fingerprints, so the phone has a smooth and comfortable hand grip and aesthetic design.

AG Matte Composite
Material finish

The AG Matte Composite Material finish provides a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring that the device feels just right in your hand.

Triple Halo Ring

Triple-ring design meticulously carved by micro-level lens etching.

Super Thin, Super Light





We have successfully fitted the latest technology, such as a massive battery, into a slim and lightweight body that is only 8.6mm thick and weighs 195g5.

Capture Every Moment in High-Resolution

The UMIDIGI A15 features an impressive camera setup that includes a 64MP ultra-clear main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 5MP macro camera, and a 16MP front camera. The 64MP rear camera leaps a huge step forward with 30% upgraded image color fidelity, presenting the true color of any subjects you capture with maximum accuracy.

Ultra-Wide Mode

With ultra-wide mode, you can capture a wider perspective, as if you were seeing the scene with your own eyes.

Macro Mode

It is a fantastic mode for exploring the miniature world around us and unleashing your creativity in photography.

Night Mode

Shine Against the Night, Pitch-black night? It detects the highlights in darkness to give you surprising outcomes.

Time-Lapse Mode

Time-Lapse feature helps you capture the beauty of time’s passage in high-quality videos.

Slow Motion Mode

Capture that perfect moment with speed shot.

Panorama Mode

Great for capturing beautiful vistas, group photos, or any scene that you want to capture in its entirety.

Video Mode

Every Moment Is a Cinematic Adventure.

Powerful Dynamic Speaker

The UMIDIGI A15 comes with a brand-new dynamic speaker that delivers excellent sound quality for crystal-clear and crisp audio. This means that whether you’re watching movies or listening to music, you will feel more immersive than ever before.

Shorter Charge
Longer Battery Life

Long hours of playing games without seeking a charger has seldom been possible until you meet the UMIDIGI A15 with a gargantuan 5000mAh battery that will lengthen your endless entertainment! Plus, binge-watching, live streaming, gaming, or calling now can go on for days as you are battery anxiety-free6.

Headset-free FM Radio

With the UMIDIGI A15, you can enjoy International FM radio or world radio without the need for earphones. It’s like having a music player that lets you access all your favorite local music. FM radio offers powerful and practical functions, making it crucial during emergencies. It doesn’t rely on network data or mobile phone signals, ensuring its reliability. For example, during Hurricane Harvey in the United States, when power and network were cut off and mobile phones lost signal, FM radio remained unaffected, enabling effective communication and faster relief efforts.

Seamless Gaming with Gyroscope

The UMIDIGI A15 is equipped with a gyroscope. You can control your game by simply tilting or moving your device, similar to how you would steer a car or control a character in the game. This means you can aim, steer, or navigate through the game world by physically moving your device, making it feel more interactive and engaging. It’s a convenient and intuitive way to enjoy games without the need for buttons or joysticks.

The Newest Android 13 System

The updated Android 13 system features improved security, faster performance, better privacy controls, and a more intuitive user interface, ensuring you a seamlessly fluid experience.

Dual Unlock

Dual Unlock

By scanning fingerprints, you can unlock devices, authorize transactions, and access sensitive information, providing a secure and convenient way for users to authenticate themselves and access their devices.

Side Fingerprint Sensor

By scanning fingerprints, you can unlock devices, authorize transactions, and access sensitive information, providing a secure and convenient way for users to authenticate themselves and access their devices.

Powerful Hotkey

The button allows users to customize its functionality according to their preferences. They can assign specific actions or shortcuts to the button, such as launching apps, taking screenshots, or controlling device settings. This personalization enhances the user experience and makes the smartphone more tailored to individual needs.



Emergency Call

Sound Recording

Other Apps

Multifunctional NFC You Pay All the Way

Motivated by powerful sensors, NFC makes your payment anywhere and anytime without any hassle. You can even double it as a virtual key for your home and office.

Dual 4G & Global Bands

Contact Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Dual 4G enables simultaneous usage of two 4G SIM cards, ensuring a stable and reliable connection for calls, messaging, and internet access. Global Bands support a wide range of frequency bands used by different mobile network operators worldwide, allowing the smartphone to work seamlessly in various countries and regions.

1. Supports memory expansion of up to 1TB. Memory card needs to be purchased separately. Actual available memory is less due to the storage of the operating system and pre-installed apps.
2. The extended 8GB memory is virtual memory and is realized by software. It is different from actual storage space.
3. Data comes from UNISOC.
4. Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.7” in the full rectangle. The actual display area is slightly smaller.
5. The data is provided by UMIDIGI Lab. Actual results may vary due to different test environments or calculation methods. Please refer to the actual product.
6. The data shown is from the results of the UMIDIGI laboratory. Actual battery and charging speed is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.